Grad Photos

I'll be doing Grad Photos for anyone interested on Campus. Pricing starts at $50/hr for shoots and $20/hr for OPTIONAL post-processing and touch ups.* One free digital photo of your choice, prints and extra digitials can be purchased from your private gallery on my website. 

Group Rates: $10/hr per additional person in group shoots, 5 person max. Individual shoots within group charged  $30/hr. Post-processing for group photos $10/hr, for individual photos price  $15/hr. Group photos discounted at 10% off, not eligible as free photo. Each individual still gets one free individual photo. Group rate bills can be split however the customers choose.

I'm available MWF and weekends in the afternoon. Morning shoots upcharged 10%

Message me on Facebook or email me to schedule!

*Estimated time of touch ups is 1 hour per 25 photos 

Why Abe?

- Competitive Pricing: Grad photo shoots can be upwards of $300 for even the most basic packages, not including prints or digital copies. I promise clear, upfront pricing at below market rates and include a free digital copy for each shoot

- High quality: Affordable pricing doesn't come with a decrease in quality. Having worked behind the camera for over seven years behind the camera, I can guarantee quality on par with the  professionals. 

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